About Me

profileCooking has given me some of the most incredible opportunities. It has enabled me to experience the most amazing things, visit and live in the most beautiful places and meet some exceptional people!

Having trained as a chef at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland under the watchful eye of Darina Allen, I started my career in London, but I soon got tired of the monotonous menus served by the underpaid staff at the big boring restaurant corporations. I took it upon myself to make life more interesting and so a friend and I packed up and went to the French Alps! We worked in a chalet together, I as the chef and he as the host and it was one of the best decisions ever!! I loved my job and the freedom I had having my own kitchen and creating my own menus. Waking up in the Alps every day with the freedom to ski and working in a job with people I loved provided me with skills for life and little did I know this was just a stepping stone.

It was after this that I got the travel bug and I went on to complete two more winter seasons in the mountains!!

The summer after my second ski season I was offered a job as a chef/stewardess on a privately owned 76ft classic sailing yacht which was travelling round the Mediterranean for the Summer. Despite feeling nervous and having doubt in my ability I stuck to the basis of keeping life interesting and I went for it!

IT WAS INCREDIBLE. We weren’t the biggest but we were mighty and we sailed beautifully! We were a crew of three, me and the boys, Captain Tom who was a kind and caring young Brit and a hilarious Catalonian hippy called Andreau. The Three Musketeers were family as well as crew! As you can imagine, cooking and sailing don’t always go hand in hand and we experienced many an entertaining moment when Tom would yell down the hatch ‘Tack!’ or ‘Jibe!’ but too little too late, the galley and myself were covered in chocolate pudding… During the evenings I would fall asleep to the gentle rocking motion of the boat and in the mornings I would poke my head out of the hatch and be greeted by warm sunshine, a refreshing sea breeze and a new island or country!

I have since worked on much bigger yachts with bigger crews who again have always become my extended family! I have worked with awesome people whom I’m so fortunate to have met! Working with such a great bunch onboard has allowed me to try new recipes which I or they may not be familiar with. This was great practise for me, enabling me to get creative, be ambitious and add to my recipe collection!

Working in this industry has taught me to cook in some of the most challenging situations. Storage can be difficult whilst at sea as well as having fresh produce during a passage. You’ll notice a lot of my recipes are done using tablespoons or teaspoons for measurements because scales simply do not measure correctly when there’s motion in the ocean!

Throughout this process, I’ve learnt that cooking does not have to be complicated or fiddly in order to taste delicious and look presentable.
This website is here for you to get in touch with me or for me to simply share with you some of my most simple yet effective culinary creations!
I continue to cook whilst on dry land and am available for any catering you need. I produce a variety of healthy, colourful and delicious dishes, making use of the freshest ingredients and high-quality suppliers.

If you prefer to do it yourself then please enjoy your time getting creative in the kitchen and remember, a recipe is always better with ones own twist on it so don’t be afraid to add spice if you want things hot or a little sugar if you prefer it sweet.

Make these recipes your own and have fun with them!